A perfect chisel jaw is every women and men’s dream, but when it comes to their Double Chin people often gets frustrated. There are some of the reasons which lead to the appearance of the Double chin. Usually, the patients inherit these features from their parents which are:

  • A recessive chin
  • A lax plastysma muscle
  • Excess fat in the neck area

With the above-mentioned features, the candidates suffer from the appearance of the Double chin but it can be rectified using surgery. For the patients who are young and are under the age of 40, the surgery is appropriate for them as they don’t have any neck skin laxity or lower face. But with the patients who are above the age of 40 have lower face laxity thereby making the double chin surgery a bit complex and ineffective. They have poor neck angle making it difficult for the surgeon to operate and getting the desired result.

Surgical Procedure:

Underneath the chin, a small incision is made where it is easily hidden. Skin of the neck is given certain elevation to expose the fat which is underlying. Then the excess fate is removed either through liposuction or can also be directly removed. If the mentioned feature of lax platysma is visible, then it is tightly bound by the sutures.  It gives support to the neck resulting in a much-defined neck angle. If the chin is recessive in nature, then an implant is used to create a more prominent chin area. After closing by the dissolving stitches a compress garment is placed and its instructed to wear for several weeks after the surgery.


Double Chin surgery gives physical benefits which are:

  • Neck fullness reduction
  • Double chin reduction
  • A defined Neck angle

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