Having a sensual lip is long been known and considered an aesthetic ideal. With dermal fillers or lip implants plumps up lips and enhances the entire look of the face. Lip enhancement helps specially those who have thin lips. Also, after the procedure, the recovery time is short and makes lip augmentation one of the most efficient ways to make face more appealing visually.

Lip Implants:

These implants are permanent in nature and the augmentation provides more refined results than any other dermal lip filler. It comes to be a good option for an individual with thin lips. There are three types of popular Lip Implants: Softforme, AlloDerm and GORE-TEX. They have a different way of working from each other but have the same motive of giving patients shapelier and fuller lips.

Procedure (Lip Implants):

Lip implant surgery generally takes about an hour to complete and is relatively simple. First, a small incision is made in the lips and is made around the corners of the mouth. The incision may even depend on the specific technique which the surgeon is using and is based as per the requirement. Later a thin tunnel is created which then can accommodate measured amounts of implant in them. After the insertion of the implant, the surgeon threads it through the lips and is precisely trimmed to proper length thereby providing a natural-looking result.

Lip Augmentation with Fillers:

It is another procedure which is frequently used in which the fillers are injected in the lips to give them a voluptuous look. Lip augmentation by fillers have a wide variety of techniques and materials of injecting for getting a desired look. This gives a plenty of option to the patient to meet their individual needs.  

Procedure (Lip Augmentation with Fillers):

This method takes around 30 minutes to complete. As the filler usually includes lidocaine a kind of the topical anesthetic thus it does not require anesthesia prior to the procedure. The results of this augmentation through fillers are not permanent as the body absorbs the filler after breaking them down. On an average, the fillers would last from Five to Six months’ tops. They can also be used in getting an idea about how the lip implant may look like if the patient is considering to have one, as the filler method gives the same results but its non-permanent whereas implants are permanent.

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