It is not anymore only your genes that can make you beautiful, with the latest cosmetic procedures, like mesotherapy, you can actually become the angel that you might have always dreamt of. Getting a perfectly contoured body with a rejuvenated and young looking face even in your 50s is claimed to be possible with the latest mesotherapy treatments. Let us take a look at what it is exactly and if there is something to pay heed or it is just all claims.

The term Mesotherapy, comes from the Greek word, “mesos” which means “middle” and “therapia” which means “to treat medically”. According to the definition, Mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure based on superficial micro injections aimed towards treating various problem areas of the body. The process involves multiple injections containing homeopathic medications, vitamins, plant extracts, minerals to the subcutaneous layer of the problem areas.

The treatment is believed to stimulate the mesoderm which is the middle layer of the skin, of the problem area for relieving a wide range of ailments and symptoms.

One of the most interesting things about mesotherapy is that this process is claimed to offer benefits in treating different types of cosmetic problems. Depending on the particular type of formulation of the injection used in the mesotherapy the process is claimed to offer benefits in a wide range of cases.Reduction of excess fat, cellulite, body contouring, hair regrowth and rejuvenation of the face or neck are only to name a few.

How mesotherapy acts for rejuvenating the skin?

Use of mesotherapy for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation is quite popular. To achieve the expected results, active vitamin micro molecules are injected into the mesodermal cells of the affected area. These vitamins stimulate the natural elastin and collagen synthesis mechanism of the skin thereby boosting the natural regenerative process. Preventive mesotherapy treatment for wrinkles is also becoming popular.

How long the results will last?

When maintained properly, the results of mesotherapy are claimed to last quite long. However, it often depends on the particular type of mesotherapy performed, the effectiveness of the micronutrients injected and also physical factors like aging. While spot fat reduction and cellulite contouring can last for whole of your lifetime when maintained through proper diet and exercise, skin rejuvenation is sure to fall off with time, as the natural aging process cannot be stopped in anyway. In these cases, regular maintenance visits are suggested for long lasting results.

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