Ingrown Toe Nail-Partial Nail Avulsion

Ingrown Toe Nail-Partial Nail Avulsion

Ingrown toe nail is a problem which is nowadays very common and can be caused from various aetiologies which includes hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, poorly fitting shoes and also due to improperly trimmed nails. The pain commonly caused is due to drainage, infection, progression and results in difficulty in walking. A lateral matricectomy is thought to provide which involves excision of the lateral nail and is the best change for eradication. After the removal of lateral aspect of the nail plate, follows the preservation of the healthy nail plate.  Later the exposed nail-forming matrix is destroyed using the method of Electrocautery ablation thereby creating a new lateral nail fold. The procedure may only get complicated if the regrowth occurs of a nail spicule if the post operative nail bed gets infect but with proper care use of medicines the chances are very less. The procedure is fairly successful in all terms providing the best treatment of the ingrown nails.

Partial Nail Avulsion Procedure:

In this procedure the active infected skin surrounding the nail or the incurved nail is removed comfortably without an aesthetic. By trimming a thin piece of nail down till the root is done in order to allow and drain out all the infection which is present. Then later on the toe is given a local anaesthetic at the base of the affected area. It takes around 10 to 15 minute to get the toe numb followed by scrubbing the area clean before the procedure begins. After numbness, the nail which has been offending is them clipped from the tip of the toe to the base by removing the nail root by maintaining the appearance of the nail in majority. Nay excess pus or drainage is flushed with the help of saline.


After the procedure is done follows bandage dressing with some sort of antibacterial ointment. Oral medication and antibiotics are prescribed for fast recovery. It is advised that the Patient can start their daily activity in 03 weeks or so once fully recovered.

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