In this method of transplantation, a small clusters or units known as Follicular Units are removed from a donor area in the form of a strip and then are placed to the affected area of reception which is the bald part of the head. It is an intricate process and if done properly it looks natural.

These grafts are very small and are inserted in the receptive areas thus, no corn rows or clumps of hairs are seen as were used in older techniques.

As said earlier that it is an intricate hard process and therefore it takes a great deal of skillset and experience on the part of the surgeon.


It is fairly important to understand about the Follicular Unit. Our Hair grows in small tiny groups of 1 to 4. This constitutes to structural hair and the follicle: a sac-like structure beneath the scalp that nourishes the hair growth. Lighter hair has 1 to 2 hairs of follicular unit and those of thicker areas have around 4 Hairs. The important thing to keep in mind is that it should be removed with tremendous care as these independent units can be damaged during surgery which may then result in poor hair growth. The only problem with this method that if not done properly, it can damage the Follicular units which later affect the growth of hair.


First Step: Placement of single hair units at the front hairline

Second Step: Placement of 2 hair units behind the hairline

Third Step: Placement of 3 hair units behind the 2 hair units and

Fourth Step: Placing 4 hair units behind the 3 hair units

It involves the strip method which removes a thin strip of hair from the scalp at the back. The gap t between the donor site would then be sewed altogether to close the opening. From the donor part trip the grafts are then dissected under a special microscope and then these grafts are ready to follow the above-mentioned step procedures.

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