Losing hair is a very low time for anyone who is facing this problem. With hair loss comes depravation in one’s confidence and self Esteem. Studies have also shown that in some cases a person may go into depression in matters of looks and sex-appeal which once they had and now have gone by passing time. In another word, it’s a major problem which cannot be complied with. But the question is how? Don’t worry, we have got it all covered, our best practice and specialization of Hair Transplantation is what you need and it’s the best solution you can get.

Hair transplantation is used to treat hair loss and baldness also called as Alopecia through surgical implementation. Being a part of cosmetic surgery all measures are taken with great care for this intricate process and through efforts, tiny patches of the scalp are removed from the sides and back of the head, they are then implanted in the areas and patches of the affected areas such as on the top and the front of the head.

It is being taken care by a physician who is specialized training in Dermatology. The Surgery may last for three to four hours in which approximately 300 graphs are performed. The patient can be awake during the whole procedure and just a mild sedative to numb the affected area is applied to the scalp. If required, the patient can also be given an anaesthetic drug to keep him calm and to put him or her to sleep. It is a common procedure involves a strip of hair from the sides or the back head which are then cut into small pieces of calculative length to make it up for the bald area of the scalp to implant in each slit so that it may look natural which is a recreation of the hairline along the forehead.

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