Dark circles, these pesky rings around the eyes make everyone look pulled down and inspire frustrating comments from friends and family like “did you not sleep last night?”

At Rakshaa Skin Clinic, we treat all the causes of under eye bags, wrinkles and circles.

Natural Fillers  such as Juvederm or Restylane are a top treatment for under eye circles worldwide. These tear trough fillers have become famous because they are done by celebrities, socialites, politicians, new brides, grooms, moms and dads alike!

Why is this? This is because in just one sitting, aesthetic specialists are able to gently inject this natural filler into the under eye hollows, immediately filling them up! Usually requiring no more than 1 or 2 syringes, the latest techniques of tear trough fillers are making clients look “well-rested” ,

“younger” and “refreshed” ! The results are instant, so you can walk out of the clinic with your under eye circles erased. The side effects are minimal, as long as you are getting injected by an experienced physician. And, the result lasts for over 1 year! Finally, say you don’t like it, the natural filler is 100% reversible, so we can remove it easily. And don’t worry, your skin cannot get addicted to fillers. If you don’t want to repeat your filler, you do not have to! Your skin will go back to its natural original condition.

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